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The property is located along Old River Road west of the Sacramento River and north of the Sacramento Weir in West Sacramento, with 530 acres gross, 475 acres planted.
The orchard is currently planted to VX211 clonal rootstock (335 acres) and RX-1 clonal rootstock (140 acres). The orchard was planted in Spring 2015. The ranch has three deep wells. There are also three diversions along the Sacramento River. Two are riparian and one is managed under a settlement contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

Northeast Well: 1,000 GPM
Southeast Well: 1,500 GPM
Southwest Well: 1,500 GPM
River Pumps:
North River Pump: 575 GMP
Middle River Pump: 1,908
South River Pump: 903 GMP


Lodi Irrigation designed and installed the solid-set system utilizing R-2000 or R-10 sprinklers at a later date (most likely in year three (2017). Design specifications and elements will be shared upon request. Including a single, one gallon per minute emitter located at each tree currently irrigates all blocks.


BROKER Associate

Cal BRE 00624161

C: 831.818.2300

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