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Gold Country Commons, Sonora, CA


Gold Country Commons is an approved high density residential land subdivision located in Sonora, CA totaling approximately 5 acres of raw land area.  The project incorporates the fundamentals of neo-traditional design, which captures the elements of a traditional neighborhood configuration.  The product is “rear loaded”, with the garages facing onto two-way roads, while the fronts of the houses overlook a common greenway.  This allows for an old-fashioned neighborhood feel and an overall sense of community. 

The approved development contemplates a subdivision of 41 individual lots ranging in size from approximately 3,200 SF to approximately 5,600 SF, and unit sizes ranging from approximately 1,283 SF to 2,382 SF. The entitlements include an approved Planned Unit Development and Development Agreement, which extends the vesting period to June of 2023.  This allows a vast amount of flexibility to a prospective buyer/builder for timing the construction of the development.  Each dwelling unit is designed to be separated in order to circumvent the legal issues commonly associated with a connected wall project, thus limiting the risk to the developer.  The separation of the units allows for individual ownership, while the common areas and roadways are covered with an HOA and CSA respectively.  In keeping with architectural motifs commonly recognized in the Sonora area, three architectural styles have been approved for the project, which include Victorian, Colonial and Craftsman.  The development is also permitted to allow up to 20 units to be three stories, which as an upgrade, is an additional revenue source for prospective builders/developers. Attention to every detail was made during the entitlement process to maximize the full development potential of the property while meeting the planning and zoning code challenges of Tuolumne County.  The entitlement package includes, but is not limited to the following documents.


  • Approved Planned Unit Development Permit

  • Recorded Development Agreement Ensuring “Vesting” Rights Until June 2023

  • Approved “Vesting” Tentative Map

  • Approved Site Plan

  • Approved Preliminary Utility Plan and Drainage Study (Very Close to Improvement Plan Level)

  • Approved Preliminary Grading Plan (Very Close to Improvement Plan Level)

  • Approved Architectural Styles

  • Approved Landscape and Irrigation Plans

  • Architectural Floor Plans for Each Mode


The project provides maximum flexibility to the prospective owner/builder such that multiple final maps may be recorded for cash flow purposes.  In addition to this flexibility, the project also provides a vesting period until June 2023 to ensure project success.  With very little engineering effort, Gold Country Commons can be made ready for build-out in a very short period of time..

In a time when entitled property is becoming a rare commodity in the state of California, Gold Country Commons provides a unique opportunity for prospective investors to capitalize on a project with maximum flexibility and revenue potential.





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